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Student Testimonials

Electrical Work Classes

Just a note to say thanks for offering electrical work classes. I signed up recently for your class, I took your classes for a total of three days, which were very informative. I had taken the test in 1991 and failed of course. I heard about your classes through a friend of mine who took your classes on General Contracting. He also passed so I figured I would give it a shot and passed the test after only 3 classes. Thank you so much.


La. State Building Construction Contractors Exam

I would like to inform you that I have passed the La. state building construction contractors exam. I received my contractors license just yesterday. I want to thank you for your services and the support of your staff.



Contractor Exam Seminar

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service that you provide. Your contractor exam seminar was both informative and interesting. I am now the proud possessor of a Hazardous Material contractor license thanks to you. Louisiana Contractors Licensing Service provided me with all the technical knowledge to get me high scores on both the General knowledge and the Haz Mat parts of the test. Thanks again for all your help, sincerely


You’re a Saint

Thanks for all of your help on passing my exams!! You’re a Saint!


Contractors Exam

Thank you for your help in helping me pass my test. Your contractor exam school has been a great help to me, I would recommend your school to all my friends and family. I have learned a lot at your school. You have great instructors, thank you and may god bless you all and I hope your contractor school continues to grow and continue to be a great success.


Building Construction Exam

I passed with an 85% on the business and law, and an 84% on the building construction exam. Thank you for your help. I recommend your class for anyone that wants to pass the first time. Feel free to use me as a reference.

Sincerely David

Contractor Classes

Thanks a million for your help on the tests. I would recommend your classes to anyone who is interested in passing the exams on their first attempt!!! Without your help, I feel that I would be re-testing.


State Tests

Thank you for making me aware of your company before I took the state tests. I am sure I would not have passed them the first time if I had not used your service.


State Contractors License

This is an expression of my sincere gratitude for all the assistance that you and your staff afforded me. As a result, I passed the exam for my state contractors license.


Contractors Exam

Thank you guys, I passed my contractors exam the first time.